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Euclid SR Partners
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Life Sciences Convergence Information Technology

Investment Focus Areas
Successful venture investing combines two essential components: finding opportunities with significant growth potential and helping to deliver on that potential. It requires a committed approach by experienced investors, not just to building returns but to building companies. Successful investors - armed with deep knowledge of their industries - commit time and focus in addition to capital.

EuclidSR Partners (ESR) provides this kind of commitment - a dedicated approach to life sciences, technology and their convergence, by a highly regarded team of industry experts.

We look to find opportunities with significant growth potential and we work to unlock that potential for our investors. ESR possesses the elements critical for success in today's venture capital environment:

  • Deeply relevant experience, combining unique industry knowledge and long-term venture investing experience
  • A focused investing approach
  • Collaborative involvement with our portfolio companies and investors

If you are an entrepreneur, please follow these Ten Steps to secure venture capital.


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