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Euclid SR Partners
Euclid SR Partners

Experience, Expertise, a Strong Network, and Close Working Relationships

The General Partners of EuclidSR Partners comprise an extraordinary range of venture, corporate and entrepreneurial-development backgrounds. We have particularly strong expertise in discovery research and drug development in the pharmaceutical industry, which is essential to the partnership's investment focus.

ESR is a venture capital partnership organized by our team and the fifth since the founding of our original predecessor partnership, Euclid Partners, more than three decades ago. Our experience also encompasses two decades of corporate pharmaceutical venture investing through S.R. One, Limited.

Our partnership offers both investors and entrepreneurs the potential for significant returns, through its combination of the General Partners' resources, highly varied industry experience, hands-on operational expertise and widely different networks of contacts.


General Partners

Graham Anderson

Milton Pappas

Stephen Reidy

Raymond Whitaker



Frank Lin


Partner Emeritus

Bliss McCrum



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